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I was asked to provide “The Big Flush” instructions

Here is the link to the big flush instructions

A couple of things that have helped me the most:

Hydrotherapy Solutions


Colema Type Board This unit sets over toilet, uses 5 gallon bucket (suggest adding a filter system) Around $ 300.00 +- plus $100 +- $300 for filtering

Enema Bucket for dumping bile from liver / gallbladder

Support Supplements

Colon cleaning with Jim's Colon Pills expect 6 months or more – very gentle colon cleaning process

An amazing enzyme Chelate toxins from bloodstream (great feedback on this product)

Free Resources

Support and tracking document

Results Activity Document for tracking your progress Right Click and download or open here (PDF Form Document) Do you need a new Adobe reader, click here?

Sample Filled out Document if you are not sure

Do you have a further question?

More I have started a blog

Quality Health Products

Directory of Resources

PAID Assistance

Initial One on One Coaching package includes:

How to get the most from your Coach or Mentor Ebook Version $19.97 value

One Answer to Cancer, By Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS Ebook Version $17.77 value

Access to your copy of recorded conversation with your coach to download and review .mp3 (or other if you request) $29.97 value

You will come away with a detoxification plan to overcome your health challenge.

Email support for 90 days $200.00 value

Package Price: Initial Health Coaching Personal Interview (With Coach Dale Maxwell) $197.00

About Coach Dale Maxwell


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