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  • The #1 health problem in America — NOT going to the Bathroom!The #1 health problem in America — NOT going to the Bathroom!

The #1 health problem in America — NOT going to the Bathroom!The #1 health problem in America — NOT going to the Bathroom!


Your doctor will probably never tell you this, but if you don't go to the bathroom 2-3 times a day, you are constipated and your health is going down the toilet.If your colon is clogged…

  • The bathroom probably stinks like crazy when you go.
  • You could have 5-10 pounds of tough, decaying, black CRUD lining the walls of your large intestine.
  • You could have a protruding belly right above the waistline — even if you're thin.
  • You could have bad breath and a bad complexion.

What's the solution? Colon researcher Jim Foley claims his Colon Pills can fix most of these problems.
“There are two things you can count on: paying your taxes and this colon pill working.” Is he right?

The #1 Colon Pill in America — Jim's Colon Pills — Cleans your colon and helps eliminate constipation, colitis, gastritis, diverticulitis, polyps, diarrhea, Crohn's disease, and spastic colon. Clean your colon, and lose 5-10 pounds…

When I tell people they can have stuff in their colon for 3-4 years, they say, ‘Impossible, NOT me!'” — Man who lost 18 pounds after he cleaned his colon.

  • Nebraska man cures 50 years of constipation in less than one week.
  • Man cleans clogged colon. Chronic 10-year headaches gone in 2 days.
  • Man has bleeding, itching hemorrhoids for five years. Cured in 6 weeks.

“I lost 20 pounds by cleansing my colon”
— Mary C. — 68-year-old woman “

I took the Turkey-Rhubarb formula for about two months and lost 20 pounds. Now finally, my stomach is flat! I used to wear a size 14. Now I wear a size 9-11. I had to buy everything new. My light blue eyes turned a deeper shade of blue. Before, the whites of my eyes were yellowish. Now they are a pure white.”

“The stench tells the story.”

“Everyone is afraid to talk about bathroom problems. Not me! We're going to talk about horrible smells, gas, enemas, stained underwear and toilet bowls, straining, bowel movements — shapes, sizes and colors.

“People openly discuss radical issues like war, rape, abortion, murder, and sex. But when it comes to bathroom problems, it's a forbidden topic. It's considered ‘dirty.'”Yet, most of America is horribly constipated. People are obsessed with cleaning the outside of their body. But their insides, their colon, is often like a rotting cesspool — full of layer upon layer of BLACK, fermented food.

And you wonder why people feel so rotten?”

Fortunately, there is an easy solution — Jim Foley's famous Colon Pills. “So, hold on to your toilet seat and get ready for what may be one of the greatest interviews in toilet bowl history.

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