The Big Flush


Alternate instructions for Jim's Colon Pills and Cleanse

There are two stages: the initial blast out, which can take weeks, and then the maintenance. Start with 2 Pills and 1 Cleanse in the morning. Repeat this dosage in the afternoon. Bowel movements can happen within hours. If not enough is happening, the next day increase to 3 Pills and 2 Cleanse in the morning and repeat this dosage in the afternoon. That will do it for most. If not, repeat this dosage a third time. Always drink 2 glasses of water when taking Pills and Cleanse. Initial blast out is heaviest the first week, thorough cleansing takes longer. When functioning more normally, go on maintenance of 1 to 2 Pills a day and 1 or 2 Cleanse every other day. Experiment to determine your correct amount.

You may be shocked by what comes out and keeps on coming out. Some may experience wooziness, cramps, diarrhea, etc. Don't worry. The more exaggerated the reaction merely indicates the severity of the problem. As decaying junk is broken apart, toxins are released and parasites and bacteria are in a frenzy. It will soon subside as the trash leaves. You'll feel and look so much better as horrible, toxic stuff that was lodged in your colon for years is eliminated.

Prepare for your process:

We suggest you have an enema bucket on hand in case you feel you need a way to relieve pressure.

Plan to start on a “weekend” as you may experience urges that would not be convenient if you are in an office or driving a long haul truck.

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