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How to Improve
Your Success Rate With
Colon Pills/Cleanse

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This Video Presentation Answers the Following Questions

  • How can I improve the likely hood of getting the bowel movements I seek? (23 Seconds)
  • How many pills to start with? (35 Seconds)
  • Have you gotten off all prescription drugs? (1 Minute 45 Seconds)
  • Have you dramatically increase the amount of distilled water? (1 Minute 23 Seconds)
  • Are you being astute with the timing of the colon pills? ((1 Minute)
  • Do you consume other high fiber items? (1 Minute 49 Seconds)
  • Are you walking or getting any other movements to assist your colon function? (58 Seconds)
  • How much and what kind of friendly bacteria are important to assist with constipation? (1 Minute 8 Seconds)
  • How to dance with the dosage? (47 Seconds)
  • What is the Big Flush? (59 Seconds)


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