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We ship 98% of orders within 24 hours by priority mail or first class.The best way to get an answer to your product question is to request via this product. Place your question in the note area. I will email you a link to the answer you seek.Please download the attached document after purchase: “How  to get Coaching”

Submit your question through this link. You will need to place your question in the “Order Notes”

Email does not work well due to spam and volume of emails.

Another way is to use skype: dale_maxwell

You must put your real name and phone number in the request and mention you are asking for help on health matter. (I also get spam request on skype)

Or phone 623-242-2460 and leave your name, email and phone number and a short version of your question.

Many questions are answered by providing you with a document or video I have recorded or will record for you.


Coaching, Consultation and Mentoring is available


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