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Jim’s Colon Pills Ingredients


Jim's Colon Pills Ingredients 500 MG each cap:

Cascara sagrada: The very safest laxative, antibiotic effect on harmful bacteria in the intestines, stimulates the secretions of the entire digestive system, restores tone to the bowel

Senna pods: Mucilage, stimulant, laxative, cathartic

Psyllium seeds: Eliminates toxins in the colon, retains moisture in the colon, lubricant, rebuilds colon, creates bulk and fiber lacking in our diets

Turkey Rhubarb: Laxative, eases stomach pain, antibacterial, hepatic, removes irritating substances, stimulates, cleanses, and tones the alimentary and intestinal areas

Aloe: Emollient, bitter tonic, vermifuge, anodyne, hepatic

Barberry root: Deep cleansing effect on the body, especially the stomach and bowels, antibacterial, beneficial effect on the entire digestive system, beneficial use in hepatitis

Slippery elm: Absorbs noxious gases, soothes inflamed or irritated areas, neutralizes stomach acidity, demulcent, emollient, nutritive laxative

No preservatives or artificial ingredients!



Note: Jim's Colon Pills are a natural dietary supplement. Statements included herein shall not be construed to imply claims or representations that this product treats or prevents disease.

Jim's Colon Cleanse Formula

Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D., Nutritionist, writes, “In the 50 years I've spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people's health problems. In treating over 300,000 patients, it is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for before any healing can take place.”

Most of the nutrients our body needs are absorbed through the walls of the colon. One of the colon's jobs is to squeeze whatever is in it to get the nutrients out. After it is through squeezing, the peristaltic muscles are supposed to push out what is left. If the bowel system isn't working properly not everything gets pushed out, and gradually the residue coats the walls of the colon with some of the world's best glue, and also creates a toxic liquid which gets into the bloodstream. Every tissue in the body is fed by the bloodstream, so when it becomes toxic we have a condition of autointoxication. This produces undesirable consequences and is the root cause of many of today's diseases and illnesses. This is the way we manufacture disease in our body.

Cleansing the colon is very important. Jim's Colon Pills should be used to have regular elimination, so that the waste isn't being stored in the colon. Then, his Colon Cleanse capsules can be used to detoxify the bowel and to tone and strengthen the peristaltic muscles.

Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse Testimonial:

“I was using herbal laxatives with great success, but after reading about Jim's Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse formula, I decided to try them because I felt that it would clean the colon more thoroughly. I started taking one Colon Pill capsule twice a day along with one Colon Cleanse capsule in the evening. I could tell an immediate difference in the amount of fecal matter that was being removed from my colon. After about a month, I reduced the amount to one Colon Pill capsule each morning and continue to take one Colon Cleanse capsule in the evening. I know the Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse capsules keep my colon working better.”

Colon Cleanse Usage Guide

Works best when used in conjunction with Jim's Colon Pills. Take one Colon Cleanse capsule each morning and enough Colon Pills each evening to have 2-3 bowel movements each day.

Always take Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse capsules with 8 ounces of water.

Note: Jim's Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse capsules are natural dietary supplements.

Statements included herein shall not be construed to imply claims or representations that these
products treat or prevent disease.

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